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Top 10 Loopstation Drops ! | MB14, Saro, Dr.Nape...|
nigel Serrano
1 month ago
0:09 - slizzer\n1:22 - sady\n2:22 - balance\n3:01 - soso\n3:52 - mb14\n5:34 - Dr.Nape\n6:40 - rythmind\n8:19 - NME\n9:32 - inkie\n11:03 - saro
Mr. Ehre
3 weeks ago
Hey Inkie, do you want to wear a hoodie, a cloak, a coat or a longsleeve?\n\nInkie: Yes.
Marami Lalramsiami
1 month ago
I really Wish There will be a crowd Reaction on GBB discord XD LoL😂😂😅
Ben Mc Namara
1 month ago
6:59 that guy stunned
Makhaela Francis Canoy
1 month ago
8:19 my fav. Drop in the entire loopstation history
1 month ago
8:51 good edit
1 month ago
8:54 my favorite drop of this compilation, big up for Italy🔥🔥🔥
1 month ago
Is Napom a hoarder? xD
Janella Supan
1 month ago
1:00 simple but sick!!!❤
Angel Gonzalez
1 month ago
Idk about y’all, but so-so got robbed. That beat was FIRE ASF ! 🔥
2 weeks ago
Could you do a series of videos of Underrated things like loopers, beatboxers, drops, and more? (The first underrated anything video you make Ill sub on)
Didi Supriyadi
1 month ago
8:51 Actually A Nice Transition
1 month ago
The guy in the judge wearing glasses looks like Leonard from Big Bang Theory
1 month ago
I have to say so-so slow part drop was fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
4 weeks ago
SO-SO drop at 3:35 easily the best in this vid
1 month ago
Where is the inkie vs beatness inkie second round?
SCP Nightmare
1 month ago
Not a very big fan of loopstation but I really enjoyed this one \n\nGreat job of picking these ones Very Nice 👌💪
Dank Maymays
1 month ago
13:02 ok but that outro transition was pretty nuts tho
3 days ago
Maaaan, NME is sooo underrated
Jubel Christoffel
2 weeks ago
Sady Drop always Give Me Goosebump.