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Counter Beats in Beatbox Battles 2 ! | Trung Bao, NaPoM, Audical, Alexinho...|
MarkLester Dossantos
3 months ago
Thanks man😊
Harmeet Sokhi
3 months ago
D low is the king of counter battles
kizazu1 Ralte
3 months ago
*Napom bass \nMy earphone : Thats beyond my power
3 months ago
D-Low : You look like lil pump. \nTomazacre : Maybe I look like lil pump, but I look better than you.
James Kenneth Teaño
3 months ago
TheGamer 210
3 months ago
5:03 I cannot believe he said that to d-low, he just suicide
sobhan kh
3 months ago
8:59 what kind of freaking music is that!?
kizazu1 Ralte
3 months ago
Bataco : I said I wanna battle man\nCodfish : She/He wanna battle\nMe : Thats some battle
T.B rjn
3 months ago
Why does h toz come up with the best content?\nIts unfair to be so good in this
The RoVeL
3 months ago
Audicaaaal compilation plzz :3
3 months ago
First one was epic\nCodfish Fans\n👇
Anthony Beck
3 months ago
So-So looks like he is only doing it to have fun
3 months ago
Can you make inkies game compilation
Ankes Homies
3 months ago
Its good that you keep your promise..
3 months ago
1:12 best one yet
Dhaya Bouzar Kouadri
3 months ago
Sunday , He is in period !
3 months ago
0:56 i like that clever cut when codfish does his laser sound it cuts to the title counter battles
Sathvick Satish
1 month ago
3:00 it’s beatbox vs camera xD
satyam nanda
3 weeks ago
CODFISH is on a whole different level than others 🔥🔥🔥
2 months ago
4:17 how Napom does it :D