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The Kalimba
3 weeks ago
1 Hour version :
4 months ago
Im pretty sure that everybody watching this flashed back to whenever the gaangs on Appa in a beautiful sunset.
9 months ago
Oh. Oh. This is why I have such an emotional reaction to the sound of a kalimba. This explains a lot.
3 months ago
I think creating a childrens tv show is one of the most under rated jobs. Youre legit shaping the way children think an process emotions and situations that have yet to happen to them. Showing them when to fight and when to help, When to listen an when to speak up. Acknowledging that you arent perfect helps you see that other arent as well, knowing that you are also apart of this great fog of a world and that you can find clarity within yourself at times.
40 วรัชยา สุริยะพันธุ์
3 months ago
appa yip yip!!\n\ncries in nostalgia
Romeo Hertz
4 months ago
The end of the show in Irohs tea shop 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Flávia B.
8 months ago
Two dislikes from Ozai and Azula
4 months ago
Just had a flashback to iroh singing that song for his kid and nearly started crying
5 months ago
my childhood memories came flooding back over me and i drowned in a sea of nostalgia \n\nor, ya know.. i started crying... whatever way you wanna say it..
10 months ago
It was best the avatar’s love kalimba i ever seen
4 months ago
You’re 14 again, sitting around a campfire with your friends, laughing so hard you cry. Life is good, and happy
Kim Min-jae
4 months ago
0:13 my whole childhood just rushed before my eyes
Queen Claudette
5 months ago
Almost had a heart attack listening to this so much nostalgia :(
2 months ago
Greatest animated series ever
4 months ago
life was so good once upon a time...
2 months ago
*Closes eyes*\nRiding on Appa into the sunset over Ba Sing Se
4 months ago
Everyone else is remembering when Aang and the gang were flying off on Appa’s back into a sunset. \nMe: Oh yeah, when Aang and Katara finally kiss at the end. Right.
Dribble Limit
4 months ago
When your a kid, you hate sokka and think he’s really paranoid. Growing up you think he’s raw and absolutely love him.
4 months ago
Iroh: Hey my bellies not so big, Ive really trimmed down
4 months ago
Honestly think it’s kinda sad how usually when people look back they can only think of how much better things were back then, instead of being able to think that things are so much better now, kinda sucks that things haven’t really improved since then